“Summoning the Recluse,” single album (to be released by Kanjian Music/Star Distribution)  -------------------- 2019

"Mechanical failure, reboot; fatal error," for voice and live electronics (debut: Hydra 2019) -------------------------- 2019

“Aphasia,” drone composition, Harvard Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (HUSEAC) --------------------- 2018

“Entropy,” Speaker-Mic Feedback Improvisation, MIT Electronic Music Studio (EMS) ----------------------------- 2018

 “Minor Odes ·Deer Call” (New Ceremonial Music), for voice, guzheng, drums, and electronics ------------------ 2014

“Soundscape Etude: Living in C-Maht,” soundscape composition ----------------------------------------------------------- 2013

“Chatoyance in the Mist” (twelve-tone composition), for piano -------------------------------------------------------------- 2011

“Ouroboros,” for two voices (a cross-linguistic sound collage in Mandarin, English, and Hebrew) ---------------- 2010

“The Hour of Recognition,” for two voices (written in Mandarin and Hindi-Urdu) ---------------------------------- 2009


Vocalist (ft. Reno Wang), “Love at Sportsvan,” Promotion Song for Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan ----------------- 2017

Vocalist, “Beauty of Hsi-Shih,” Title Track for Dance Drama “Beauty of His-Shih,” Beijing ------------------------ 2017

Accompanying Vocalist, Theme Song for Chinese Movie “Song of Parting and Regret” ------------------------------ 2018


Hydra 2019, Harvard Studio for Electroacoustic Composition, John Knowles Paine Concert Hall --------------- 2019

Words and Music (and Movement) Festival, The Red Room, Berklee College of Music  ----------------------------- 2017

South Indian Classical (Karnatic) Vina Concert, John Knowles Paine Concert Hall ----------------------------------- 2015

 “Arts of War,” Dudley World Music Ensemble Concert, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology --- 2014

2014 Ivy League Spring Festival Gala, John Hancock Hall, Boston, MA --------------------------------------------------- 2014

“Asian Melodies: Ancient and Modern,” Berklee College of Music (a FUSION Magazine event) ------------------ 2013

Nolt Award Concert, Barshinger Center for Musical Arts, Lancaster, PA -------------------------------------------------- 2010

“Summer Arrival” Outdoor Concert Series, Ruifang, Taiwan ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2010

“Stacy and Her Shadows” Unplugged Solo Concert, Taipei, Taiwan -------------------------------------------------------- 2010

NTU Rock Music Festival, Taipei, Taiwan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010

"Rujing is in the process of organizing her creative works, new and old, and have several scheduled releasing plans in 2019. Once ready, more of her music will be uploaded to this section of the site. Thank you for listening."