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Summoning the Recluse

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“21,” single (released by Kanjian Music)  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020

“Summoning the Recluse,” single (released by Kanjian Music)  -------------------------------------------------------------- 2020

“Mechanical failure, reboot; fatal error,” for voice and live electronics (debut: Hydra 2019) ------------------------- 2019

“Aphasia,” drone composition, Harvard Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (HUSEAC) --------------------- 2018

“Entropy,” Speaker-Mic Feedback Improvisation, MIT Electronic Music Studio (EMS) ----------------------------- 2018

 “Minor Odes ·Deer Call” (New Ceremonial Music), for voice, guzheng, drums, and electronics ------------------ 2014

“Soundscape Etude: Living in C-Maht,” soundscape composition ----------------------------------------------------------- 2013

“Chatoyance in the Mist” (twelve-tone composition), for piano -------------------------------------------------------------- 2011

“Ouroboros,” for two voices (a cross-linguistic sound collage in Mandarin, English, and Hebrew) ---------------- 2010

“The Hour of Recognition,” for two voices (written in Mandarin and Hindi-Urdu) ---------------------------------- 2009


Vocalist (ft. Reno Wang), “Love at Sportsvan,” Promotion Song for Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan ----------------- 2017

Vocalist, “Beauty of Hsi-Shih,” Title Track for Dance Drama “Beauty of His-Shih,” Beijing ------------------------ 2017

Accompanying Vocalist, Theme Song for Chinese Movie “Song of Parting and Regret” ------------------------------ 2018


Hydra 2019, Harvard Studio for Electroacoustic Composition, John Knowles Paine Concert Hall --------------- 2019

Words and Music (and Movement) Festival, The Red Room, Berklee College of Music  ----------------------------- 2017

South Indian Classical (Karnatic) Vina Concert, John Knowles Paine Concert Hall ----------------------------------- 2015

 “Arts of War,” Dudley World Music Ensemble Concert, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology --- 2014

2014 Ivy League Spring Festival Gala, John Hancock Hall, Boston, MA --------------------------------------------------- 2014

“Asian Melodies: Ancient and Modern,” Berklee College of Music (a FUSION Magazine event) ------------------ 2013

Nolt Award Concert, Barshinger Center for Musical Arts, Lancaster, PA -------------------------------------------------- 2010

“Summer Arrival” Outdoor Concert Series, Ruifang, Taiwan ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2010

“Stacy and Her Shadows” Unplugged Solo Concert, Taipei, Taiwan -------------------------------------------------------- 2010

NTU Rock Music Festival, Taipei, Taiwan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010