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Academic Updates
 last updated in September 2022

September 2022
Published Chapter, titled “Global Ethics – From Philosophy to Practice: A Culturally Informed Ethics of Music AI in Asia” (Huang, Holzapfel & Sturm), in Artificial Intelligence and Music Ecosystem (2022)

Gave invited Spotlight Talk at the 3rd Conference on AI Music Creativity (AIMC 2022), titled “On Musical Labor, Talent, and the ‘Deskilled’ Artist in the Age of AI”

August 2022
Elected as Co-Chair, Sound Studies Section of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM)

Offered and co-taught new course “Music Business (MUSI2086)” at the HKU Department of Music, in collaboration with Mr. Jonathan Serbin, Co-President of Warner Music Asia 

July 2022
Organized and co-hosted “AI & Creation Day 2022” (AI Song Contest 2022 Award Ceremony) 

June 2022
Organized panel (“Ghosts in the Machine: Technological Disturbances, Deformations, and Sonic Epistemologies”) and individual paper (“Democratizing Music?: Artificial Intelligence, Artistic Labor, and Technological Ethics”), accepted to the 2022 Joint Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society (AMS), Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), and Society for Music Theory (SMT) (Conference Site) 

October 2021
Joined the Department of Music at the University of Hong Kong as Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow (three-year term)

Presented peer-reviewed paper at the 22nd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2021), titled “De-centering the West: East Asian Philosophies and the Ethics of Applying Artificial Intelligence to Music” (Huang, Sturm and Holzapfel). Selected as Best Paper Candidate; awarded Best Special Call Paper Prize

July 2021
peer-reviewed paper at the 2nd Conference on AI Music Creativity (AIMC 2021), titled “Reframing ‘Aura’: Authenticity in the Application of Ai to Irish Traditional Music” (Huang and Sturm)

Organized and led panel titled “Sounding Difference: Music AI across Cultures,” at the Award Ceremony (“AI & Creation Day”) for AI Song Contest 2021

March 2021 
Gave invited talk, titled “Nationalizing Music Theory: Yayue Scale and its Revival in Twenty-First-Century China,” at the Department of Music at Columbia University (link) and the Division of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 

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